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With years and years of experience we're so excited to show off our fantastic team.


Digital Marketing Director - Brock Melnyk

Since an early age, Brock has always been interested in the how and why. He holds a degree in international marketing, his google analytics certifications, and various other marketing assets. He takes this marketing experience and applies it to how he builds websites, with care and optimization. Brock creates every website with an unique style and with the businesses goals in mind.


Brock has been working with digital marketing for 10 years now. He has worked for many small companies helping build their digital brand and increase their awareness online. Brock has also spent some years working for a large Canadian wide firm as one of their key marketing agents. He has been building websites for 5 years now and has an extensive portfolio of clients from all over the world. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, playing the piano and learning new languages!

Business Development Director - Raynald Lee

A technical business developer with a Six Sigma Master Black Belt in North America, specializing in process-engineering management for 8 years. Successfully commercialized 3 new technologies, as well as implemented many continuous improvements to various fields of manufacturing automation and business systems in North America.


He is also managing a team of SEM analysts who are promoting 20 different products of legal forms with an ecommerce sales portfolio of about $10 million in annual profit currently through Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Engines in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. In addition, he and Nicole (his wife) also enjoy travelling around the world for meeting new friends in business and life. Both are open-minded to help many potential business-owners from all over the world to market their products or expand their technical businesses into North America.

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